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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Using DocBook for a API documentation

/ maarten de boer <maarten.deboer@iua.upf.es> was heard to say:
| What is not clear to me is how the overall structure
| of such a documentation should be. What would be the
| tags to: 
| * group function in certain categories
| * follow every function by a descriptive paragraph
| * have "See also:" references 

The structure you describe sounds like a typical "RefEntry".
These are called "man pages" in typical UNIX documentation.
Take a look and see if that fulfills your needs.

| * generate an index of all functions

This is a processing expectation. The documents themselves
are just the data, you can write tools (stylesheets, programs,
whatever you want to call them) to walk through your source
documents and produce indexes of this sort.


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