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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Illustrations list

Norman Walsh a écrit :
> / Nicolas Mailhot <nmailhot@capgemini.fr> was heard to say:
> |       I've been trying to make an illustration list, much like
> | the table list that appears at the beginning of a book. So
> | far I've failed to locate the relevant parametter. Do anyone
> | of you knows how to do this ?
> What tags are you using to markup illustrations? What tools are
> you using to format your documents?

In fact I've just realised I could not do this with
mediaobjects only, like I've been trying to do (cos
mediaobjects do not have any title). So I've encapsulated
them in "figures", and it works.
But now i have another problem : I didn't mind having the
caption separated from the image, but now I find that my
brand-new titles are more often than not separated from
their images.
Is there a way to specify I want my figures and their titles
on the same page ? I'm using stock redhat linux docbook
tools (dockbook, stylesheets, jade and jadetex)


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