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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Customizing title page

Kirrily 'Skud' Robert wrote:
> That doesn't give us anything in our print output, though, only in the
> HTML.  We're generating our print output via jade and pdfjadetex, using
> nwalsh stylesheets v1.45.

I gave it a try when i got home tonight... generating PostScript
went fine.
There were a few funny text justifications, but my graphics did
on the title page.  When I tried to generate PDF output, I also
ended up
with no graphics.  The problem seems to be with pdfjadetex... I
a string of messages indicating that LaTeX didn't recognize GIF
or EPS
format graphics, which makes no sense.

Anyone have any idea what is happening with pdfjadetex?

My PGP public key ID: 0x727422b9 ( 1024-bit DSA )

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