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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: how to "compile" the documentation.

Hi Norm and folks,

Norman Walsh wrote:
> I haven't (yet, it's on my list) posted a "formattable" version of
> the book sources. At the moment, the sources are for example rather
> than publishing. I'm planning to fix that.

I would surely look through each part of the sources if I knew for
that they work.

So IMHO it is a good example only if it is ready for being
formatted in HTML or on printable format.

BTW, where could I start to learn more about DSSSL using DocBook
(DTD and stylesheets) ?. For now I only figured out how to make a 
simple DSSSL customization layer from the posts on this list and
the Book contents, but I need to learn more.
(and I have some pure DSSSL pointers, but what to start with?)

Thank you for your help,


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