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Subject: Re: [Fwd: Re: DOCBOOK: Introduction & conclusion]

Norman Walsh a écrit :
> / Nicolas Mailhot <nmailhot@capgemini.fr> was heard to say:
> | Well, I ended up making it a preface also. That's the most
> | satisfying compromise I found.
> | But it's really weird, adding a preface like that at the end
> | of a document :(
> What sort of a book is it, may I ask? I can't think of any books
> I've encountered recently that had a "conclusion" chunk at the
> end.

It's an academic report on a six-months internship. So
you're expected to provide something called a conclusion at
the end of your paper. Of course, no one will really read it
(least of all this part), but it wouldn't be taken well if
this elemnt was omitted.


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