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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Including OS Version information on DocBook elements

Nik Clayton writes:
 > I've set followups to the FreeBSD Doc. Proj. mailing list, doc@freebsd.org.
 > You don't need to be a subscriber to post there, and most people are in
 > the habit of doing 'Reply to all', so you should stay in the discussion.

  I'm definately not on that list, so a "Reply to All" or CC to me
would be appreciated.

 > In the FreeBSD and Linux documentation communities the problem of how to
 > represent information that is only appropriate for one release of the code,
 > or a limited range of releases, comes up occasionally.  The common link is
 > The last time we discussed this, the general consensus was to add three
 > attributes to every element in DocBook in our customisation layers.
 >     osversionmin
 >     osversionmax
 >     osversionequal

  This is probably pretty reasonable.  My concern is that the
attribute names imply that the constructs are only useful for OS
versioning.  I think this is likely to be useful for any large system; 
perhaps different names should be chosen?
  You may also want an attribute that allows specific version labels
(NMTOKENS instead of NMTOKEN); perhaps "versionequal" should be


Fred L. Drake, Jr.	  <fdrake at acm.org>
Corporation for National Research Initiatives

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