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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Re: Stylesheet RFC -- "description" meta tag in html

I would say to use the keywords in the keywordset, which are flat and can 
be concatenated and separated with commas.


At 12:24 PM 12/21/99 -0500, Norman Walsh wrote:
>/ Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com> was heard to say:
>| Would it be possible to provide some means for populating a
>| "description" HTML Meta tag?  We already have a means for populating
>| the "keyword" meta tag, and "description" is useful for all the same
>| reasons.  That is, it is useful for search indexing, see
>| <URL:http://searchenginewatch.com/webmasters/meta.html>.
>That looks like an abstract to me, Adam. Perhaps <abstract><simpara>,
>if present, should go in the meta description field?
>                                         Cheers,
>                                           norm
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Eve Maler            Sun Microsystems
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