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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: DocBook 4.0: ClassSynopsis

I said:
 >   I think the confusion is here.  It's not clear from the DTD that the 
 > first one is the class identication and the others are base classes

Norman Walsh writes:
 > But if we make that expectation clear, does it leave any
 > processing problems unresolvable?

  I think it's important that the markup make it clear to someone
looking at it (rather than the result of processing it) that one of
those *name elements names "this" class (or whatever it happens to
be), and the others fall into the "related" category.  What is the
best way to do this, I don't rightly know.  My examples were only
intended as stabs in the dark; you do rightly raise valid concerns
about them.


Fred L. Drake, Jr.	  <fdrake at acm.org>
Corporation for National Research Initiatives

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