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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: What are the semantics of list number continuation?

Too much caffeine?  "the immediately preceding list" isn't the
"closest" one but "the closest previous" one, if you want to nail
down things already nailed; "in document order" doesn't help;
and "but is not an ancestor" fails when you have a lists 3
deep within a top-level list that has a preceding sublist 2 deep:


I agree we didn't define the semantics as tightly in prose
as we might, but I'm hard pressed to see what reasonable
alternative there is to the straightforward interpretation.

What we might add (and thought we had) is "startwith", for
those cases where The Ten Commandments are dealt with in
Seven Deadly Chapters that are processed separately ...

regards, Terry
(who is discovering how relentlessly mediocre the accomodations
at Disney World are)

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