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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: What are the semantics of list number continuation?

ndw@nwalsh.com said:
> Given the following structure
> <orderedlist id="list1">
>   <listitem>...</listitem>
>   <listitem>...</listitem>
>   <listitem>...</listitem>
>   <listitem>...</listitem>
>   <listitem>
>     <orderedlist id="list2">
>       <listitem>...</listitem>
>       <listitem>...</listitem>
>     </orderedlist>
>   </listitem> </orderedlist>
> <orderedlist id="list3" continuation="continues">
>   <listitem id="citem">...</listitem>
>   <listitem>...</listitem> </orderedlist>
> What is the proper value for the numeration of listitem "citem"?
> The answer hinges on the semantics of continuation, but the
> documentation is, um, insufficiently precise:

>   If Continuation is specified, it indicates how list numbering
>   should begin relative to the immediately preceding list.

> The question is, what is the immediately preceding list? My first
> reaction is that I want the answer to be "5", but I think it has to be
> "3", and I think that answer is justifiable: the immediately preceding
> list is "list2". 

Your going to want to be able to do both.  The rub is that "5" is far more 
intuitive than "3" unless "3" is more intuitive than "5".  If you get my drift.

So, I have a suggestion which you can consider as from the "clueless."

What about
   <orderedlist id="list3" continuation="list2">
   <orderedlist id="list3" continuation="continues" continuedlistid="list2">

Mike Sangrey
Landisburg, Pa.
       There is no 'do' in faith, everywhere present within it is 'done'.

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