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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Invalid references to <section> and <programlisting> in an article doctype.

On Tue, Feb 01, 2000 at 05:33:31PM -0500, Norman Walsh wrote:
> / Jorge Godoy <godoy@conectiva.com.br> was heard to say:
> | > Hmmm, xrefs do not work on sections?? That is strange.
> | 
> | They work only if the lang attribute isn't used. I've tried that. I'm
> | writing documents using lang="pt-br". 
> It turns out that, in addition to providing correct entities for L10N,
> the dbl1??.dsl files need to be fleshed out to allow cross references.
> Alas, I've allowed some of the L10Ns to get out of sync. Fixing these
> is going to be tedious.
> In the meantime, send me the ones you trip over and I'll try to fix
> them asap.

I only use ptbr ones. These are the same that you made available in
db150.zip and the one that fixed the "section" xref problem. I can
send them if you don't have them already (I didn't send them before so
that we don't duplicate information). 

> | There's no need of a list of "programlistings". I was trying to make a
> | cross-reference to a listing in the middle of the text. I'll have to
> | include this programlisting in an example or something like that so
> | that I can make the cross-reference. I'd like to have an xref to the
> | programlisting and see in the text "listing 1". It would be useful for
> | making references to program code (they are not "examples" they are
> | code that should be typed or consulted as a reference). 
> So, given
>   <programlisting id="foo">
>   ...
>   </programlisting>
> and
>   <programlisting id="bar">
>   ...
>   </programlisting>
> You'd like to see
>   <para>See <xref linkend="foo"> and <xref linkend="bar">.</para>
> translated into
>   See listing 1 and listing 2.
> That could be done. At what level would you want programlistings
> to be renumbered? Within chapters, sections, books?

The same level as examples is ok to me. I think that it isn't an
arbitrary position but one that is aesthetically better (and which
makes reading more pleasantly). 

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