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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Allow StartsWith/ContinuationOf on OrderedList?

|   <orderedlist id="list1">
1 |     <listitem>...</listitem>
2 |     <listitem>...</listitem>
3 |     <listitem>...</listitem>
4 |     <listitem>...</listitem>
5 |     <listitem>
|       <orderedlist id="list2">
1 |         <listitem>...</listitem>
2 |         <listitem>...</listitem>
|       </orderedlist>
|     </listitem>
|   </orderedlist>
|   <orderedlist id="list3" continuation="continues">
6 |     <listitem id="citem">...</listitem>
7 |     <listitem>...</listitem>
|   </orderedlist>
|   What is the proper value for the numeration of listitem "citem"?
| Cannot be "5", I feel obligated to offer the document author
| some way to assert that it is "5", since that is a reasonable
| thing for the author to want to do.

If you mean 6, the markup so asserts.  How not?  It is NOT
reasonable for for it to be 5 in the absence of some other
distinction between lists 1 and 3.  (and confusing even
if there is)

| I can think of two options:
| 1. Add a "StartsWith" attribute to OrderedList so that the author
|    can set the starting number explicitly.

Yes, let's do it.

|    Pros: simple; solves the problem; offers additional flexibility,
|          can be used to start list numbering arbitrarily (and
|          independent of) continuation.
|    Cons: it's fragile, if the author does this to get the value "5"
|          in the preceding example, and then adds a new listitem to
|          "list1", "list3" will still begin at 5.

Which is apparently what he wants, because it should be 6.

| 2. Add a "ContinuationOf" attribute which is an IDREF to the list
|    which the author would like to continue.
|    Pros: robust; solves the problem
|    Cons: slightly more complex; less flexible, you can't just number
|          a list starting at 37 because you like the number 37.
| I prefer 2. I suppose we could add both 1 and 2, but we've
| generally tried to resist solving problems that people didn't
| claim to have (yet).

Should be a ulink, not an IDREF.

| If we elect to go with option 2, then we should probably
| deprecate and then remove "Continuation".

No, continuation is the easy thing.  

But it's all a good topic for face-to-face.  BTW, are
we resolved not to go to summer camp again this year?

regards, Terry

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