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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: New name for Element name?

On 01-Feb-00, 23:30 (CST), Sylvan Ravinet <sylvan@ravinet.com> wrote: 
> Well the useful thing I see in such a feature would be that one
> could use his own
> abbreviation or naming convention for his docbook tags. This can
> be used for example
> to have shorter tags when editing docbook documents at hand, even
> with emacs and psgml.
> I would rather use <p> than <para> when editing... Also, having
> <s1> <s2>... intead of
> <sect1>... etc.

Then they're not writing in DocBook, are they? And if they're using
emacs, there are all kinds of ways to use abbreviations..

Seriously, this is a long-term maintenance nightmare.

Steve Greenland         |  Reality is what refuses to go away when
Ellipsys Inc.           |  I stop believing in it. 
greenland@ellipsys.com  |     -- Philip K. Dick
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