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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: equations

Bernd Kreimeier wrote:
> I'd appreciate hints and references (tutorial?) on how
> to (if at all) including mathematical expressions in
> DocBook. I have used the LaTeX macros for ages and feel
> comfortable with those, but any equally versatile
> description language would do.
>                                             b.

I would do something like this (not fully tested)

Extend the DTD
<!ELEMENT texmath  EMPTY>
<!ATTLIST texmath
        fileref         CDATA           #IMPLIED
        tex             CDATA           #IMPLIED
<!ENTITY % texmath.class                "texmath">

In the DSSSL file
(element texmath
        (if (attribute-string (normalize "tex"))
                (make   formatting-instruction
                        data:    (attribute-string (normalize "tex"))
                (make   external-graphic
                        entity-system-id:        (string-append 	
(attribute-string (normalize "fileref")) ".tex")
                        notation-system-id: "TEX"
                        display?: #t

Use it like this
<texmath fileref="equations/dynamic">

(It is possible to modify the html dsssl file adding a .gif for example)
I know it is a workaround solution, and I am sure there are better
like MathML or OpenMath, but in order to reuse some LaTeX files and
until other solutions are more mature, I use this, which more or less
works for me. Use it "at your own risk" :).

I do not know if future releases of Docbook (6.0 ?) will include math
support. At least, I would like to have <theorem> <proposition>
<example> <exercise> <lemma> and so on...


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