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Subject: DOCBOOK: jade vs db2html

i have been using — which used to get parsed as #8212 while using db2html
script but now that i have rediscovered jade :-) and am very happy with its
output while using norman walsh's latest db152.zip stlye sheets ,unfortunately
jade doesn't parse this — as #8212 or as  -  ( minus sign) .
now i have used this — liberally :-( in one of my documents how do i
rectify this .this usage is becuase of me reading probably some linuxdoc howto
long back ,incase this is not requirement of DocBook or jade can i stop using
this — instead of - ( minus sign)  since it will also solve another
problem which is related to KFM the defualt KDE file manager/browser which
doesn't render #8212 as minus ( - ) .netscape renders it properly.
can some body help me with a perl or shell script to sort out this mess of mine 

thanking you 

"Any path is only a path,Does this path have a heart?If it does,The path is
good;if it doesn't it is of no use" 		Carlos Castaneda,The teachings
of Don Juan

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