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Subject: DOCBOOK: How can I debug Jade/JadeTex?

	I would like to find information that would help debuging
problems with Jade/JadeTex. That is, what is the procedure used
to create from the .sgml file the .dvi/etc file.
	For example, with "sgmltools" (www.sgmltools.org), this was
very straightforward. The program (perl script) was replacing verbatim
the tag described in the LinuxDoc stylesheets with LaTeX code.
You could see what was the code for the <TITLE>, <P> etc...
There were these files that had LinuxDoc - LaTeX pairs, and you could
debug them easily.
	For Jade/JadeTeX, I cannot say the same yet. Jade creates this
intermediate .tex file that is not LaTeX and it has to be processed with
	If such debugging/HOW-IT-WORKS how-to does not exist, I think
it would help a lot to write one... Anyone?

Simos Xenitellis

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