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Subject: DOCBOOK: /sgml/WG8/DSSSL/

where is this rtf vesion,even i checked the spec is not there on ftp.ornl.org.
can you please post the details.

Dave pawson wrote feb 3rd
| > The spec is online at ftp://ftp.ornl.gov/pub/sgml/WG8/DSSSL/
| Hum, this is empty or I have to change my lenses ;)

Uh, when did that happen? Anyone know the story here?

I looked some time back and it wasn't there.
I eventually obtained an rtf version.

|HTH DaveP

thank you in advance


"Any path is only a path,Does this path have a heart?If it does,The path is
good;if it doesn't it is of no use"
		Carlos Castaneda,The teachings of Don Juan

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