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Subject: DOCBOOK: Q: DocBook/XML with DSSSL stylesheets: how to customize ?

Hi all,

I just started to use the DocBook XML DTD with the DocBook DSSL stylesheets.

It worked well until I tried to make a customized stylesheet (both.dsl,
as described in Chapter 3 of the stylesheet docs).

Does this customization technique also work with the XML declaration ?

If not, how can I set the values of style sheet variables when using XML ?

Now I'm just able to set boolean variables to true using Jade's -V option.

Sorry if I'm missing something obvious and thanks for any feedback.


PS: I'd like to continue using the DSSSL stylesheets instead of the XSL ones,
since I get better output quality from them.

Didier Frick  
Freelance Software Developer & Consultant
Sun Certified Java Programmer

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