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Subject: DOCBOOK: Numbering in LOT

I'm building a document using book, part and chapter as the structural 
elements. Now I found that the numbering of elements like tables,
figures or examples is restarted for each of the chapters. This results
i.e. in a couple of figures labeled "Figure 1." within the book and within
the "List of Figures".

Is there a way to control this behaviour and have the elements numbered
sequentially throughout the whole document? Maybe a variable similar
to %page-number-restart% ?

(I already had a look through the stylesheets, especially dbautoc.dsl,
but could not spot the place where the numbering is generated.)

Thanks a lot

I'm using:
  DocBook V3.0
  DSSSL modular stylesheets V1.52  
  Jade V1.2.1 and jadetex V2.9
  teTeX V1.0.6

Karlheinz Eckmeier                                 ConSol* Software GmbH
Karlheinz.Eckmeier@consol.de	   Franziskanerstr. 38, D-81669 Muenchen        
##### ConSol* 1998 unter "Europe's 500 fastest growing companies" ######
z.Zt.: HypoVereinsbank Muenchen, Hohenlindener Str. 1,  D-81677 Muenchen
Karlheinz.Eckmeier.extern@ae3.hypo.de            Phone: +49 89 378-46372

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