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Subject: DOCBOOK: Beginpage misuse


I've been using DocBook with DSSSL stylesheets for 3 months now, with success.
I'm using the cygnus packages and I successfully modified some customization

I read that the Beginpage tag could "force" page breaks, but I don't seem to
use it properly.
I'm happy with the html page chunking and I would like to have the same page
breaks with <sect1> on both postscript and rtf files.
I often have in articles or books the <sect1> title at the bottom of page and
the first <para> at the top of the following page.

Is there a <Beginpage> like feature that could force the <sect1> title on top of
page ?

- Philippe
[( Linux RNIS/ISDN Howto : http://www.linux-france.org/article/connex/ISDN
[( E-mail : philippe.latu@linux-france.org

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