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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: sect1 in preface

On Thu, Feb 10, 2000 at 09:46:21AM -0500, Norman Walsh wrote:
> / Jorge Godoy <godoy@conectiva.com.br> was heard to say:
> | Isn't it possible to include another information telling if you can or
> | cannot make cross references to each element? It would improve the
> | book. 
> But it's a stylesheet issue not a DocBook markup issue. In a
> print environment, I could make cross references to informal
> objects if I wanted to, by saying "the figure on page xxx" or
> something.  Maybe.
> And online, I could makeup the hot text if I wanted to.

But not using <xref> entities. And, besides, the book talks about the
standard DocBook environment and not possible personalizations that
might be done. 

I can reference anything, as you said, using the "link" element. 

> | > 2. What semantic do you _wish_ were implemented? :-)
> | 
> | I'll use the link option you gave before but, a good implementation
> | would be making the title element of figure (not informalfigure!)
> | optional.
> No! No! No! The point of formal objects is that they
> <emphasis>have</emphasis> titles.
> | If there's no title, there'll be only the figure number and
> | then I can make a xref to it. I think that this is the best
> | option.
> Ok, what you're really asking for then is numbering of
> informal objects.  That could be done.

Hei! Take it easy! :-) I'm just suggesting, not asking for it. :-) If
this numbering bothers other people, it shouldn't be done or it might
be made optional. Some attribute like "number" with possible values of
"yes" and "no" should do the job very well. The default would be "no",
so that existant documents aren't altered in it's appearance unless
explicitly stated. 

What I don't want is to impose modifications to satisfy my needs only.
I would love to have all my problems solved, but it isn't the right
way to go :-) 

The best solution, if you agree, is making numbering optional on
informalfigure, then. The same to the other informal elements (table,
equation, example, ...). What about it? 

Thanks Norman! 
Godoy.	<godoy@conectiva.com.br>               GPG Fingerprint
                                         851B B620 626D 2AD0 E783
"Ser poeta não é minha ambição,          E932 1330 BE6D A4A3 0625 
 é minha maneira de estar sozinho"
              - Fernando Pessoa.       Publicações @ Conectiva S.A. 

Except where explicitly stated I speak on my own behalf.
Exceto onde explicitado as declarações aqui feitas são apenas minhas.

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