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Subject: DOCBOOK: Answer: How to add manually DocBook v4.0beta2 over v3.1

	I am using v3.1 (cygnus RPMs) and just installed v4.0beta2.

	1. Go to /usr/lib/sgml/
	2. Create a directory /usr/lib/sgml/docbook-4.0beta2
	3. Unzip in directory of step-2 the contents of the zip file
	4. Copy the resulted files also in /usr/lib/sgml/
	   You will be overwritting the old files.
	   Don't worry about backups, there is already
	   a copy in /usr/lib/sgml/docbook-3.1, in case you screw up.
	5. Now you need to glue 4.0beta2 with the rest of the files.
	   Make a backup copy of /usr/lib/sgml/CATALOG,
	   then edit it and change all occurences of "3.1" to "4.0beta2".
	   Just be carefull on this step.
	6. In your .sgml files, fix the first line to represent that you
	   use "4.0beta2" instead of "3.1".
	7. Compile your programs and fix any errors resulted from the
	   change of versions. For example, I got (@#$@#$):

jade:katsarida.sgml:806:13:E: end tag for element "GRAPHIC" which is not
jade:katsarida.sgml:3380:13:E: element "SERIESINFO" undefined
jade:katsarida.sgml:3402:13:E: element "SERIESINFO" undefined

	In the book it explains what and why.

Simos Xenitellis

E-mails: S.Xenitellis@rhbnc.ac.uk simos@hellug.gr
	 simos@teiath.gr 	  simos@openca.org

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