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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: HELP...Another newbie question......

SeJo wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am about to start using (XML version of the) DocBook and am still not sure
> how.......
> Does anyone know if I am "obliged" to use jade since I am used to work with
> Wattle XMLWriter (www.XMLWriter.net).......
> I still did not succeed to aply XSL stylesheets on the DocBook examples.
> .....
> please help... homepages, docs, other mailing lists...anything may be useful

 I've been using James Clark's java-based XT with Norman Walsh's
DocBook XSL stylesheets. During some testing, I also used Jade and
the DSSSL stylesheets with an XML-based document. Both worked well.

 You can find the above tools at:

	DocBk XML DTD and XSL stylesheets to match, and a plethora
	of other DocBook information.

	The java based XT stylesheet processor, and lots of other
	very nifty stuff.

 Hope this helps,

 Christopher St. John

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