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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: low/high resolution images

Norman Walsh (ndw@nwalsh.com) wrote:

> If you specify that the high resolution image is EPS or some other
> format not suitable for online display, then you'll naturally get
> the split that you want.

Up to now there are only the high resolution images (JPEG). The low
resolution images have to be created out of them and I plan to use
JPEG format as well for them.

> If they're both suitable, say a high and low resolution PNG, that is
> a more interesting issue.

Iīm thinking of using the "role" attribute of "imageobject" with a value
e.g. īrole="lowres"ī and write a custom stylesheet to select this
"imageobject" if one with this attribute is present, otherwise use the
high resolution image.

The SGML source would look like:

    <imagedata fileref="images/image00.jpg" format=jpg">
    <imagedata role="lowres" fileref="images/image00-low.jpg" format="jpg">

The modified stylesheet has yet to be written :)
Is this a possible solution?

Another idea was to always use the second "imageobject" for the low-res
case and select this in the HTML-stylesheet. But I think itīs not a good
idea because I would have to edit the SGML source in this order.

> | Even better I want to use low resolution images for HTML output linked
> | to the original high resolution images.
> This would definitely require a little stylesheet work. Are both the
> high and low resolution images PNGs or something?

This is exceeds my DSSSL knowledge by far at the moment...

          Looking for an X11 based PalmPilot Address Manager?
        Have a look at http://www.in-berlin.de/User/miwie/pia/

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