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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: low/high resolution images

At 18 Feb 2000 15:14 -0500, Norman Walsh wrote:
 > I'd do it with a role attribute myself
 >   <mediaobject>
 >     <imageobject role="print.hires"> ... </imageobject>
 >     <imageobject role="print.lores"> ... </imageobject>
 >     <imageobject role="online.hires"> ... </imageobject>
 >     <imageobject role="online.lores"> ... </imageobject>
 >   </mediaobject>
 > and then tweak the stylesheets to "do the right thing".

But this presumes that there's only four cases where you want to use
the image.  If you changed to also support cellular phones and pagers,
you'd have to add two more <imageobject> elements to every
<mediaobject>.  I favour identifying the image by name and letting the
stylesheet and processing system find (or create) the best image for
the job.  Certainly, from an EPS original, you could create bitmap
versions with arbitrary resolution and colour depth using a batch
process.  Why enshrine in your source only the versions that you think
you'll support?


Tony Graham
Tony Graham                            mailto:tgraham@mulberrytech.com
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