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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: PDF graphics

> ! LaTeX Error: Unknown graphics extension: .eps.
> I know this may be an OFF-Topic but could anyone tell what
is the right
> graphic file format for PDF files ?

Unfortunately, pdfjadetex doesn't know how to handle
Encapsulated PostScript (while plain jadetex does).  The
only graphic formats you can use when going to PDF are: PNG,
JPG, MPS, and PDF.  This is really unfortunate since
Encapsulated PostScript figures resize well.

One alternative is to use jadetex to get a DVI file, use
dvips to get a PostScript file, then use Ghostscript to
convert the PostScript to PDF.  But then you lose the
hyperlinking capabilities.

Another is to use entities to control at formatting time
what types of figures to include: when going to print, use
Encapsulated PostScript and jadetex; when going to PDF, use
PNG and pdfjadetex.

Take care.

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