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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: PDF graphics

"Sean Kelly" <kelly@ad1440.net> writes:

> This is really unfortunate since Encapsulated PostScript figures
> resize well.

PDF figures resize well too.

> One alternative is to use jadetex to get a DVI file, use dvips to
> get a PostScript file, then use Ghostscript to convert the
> PostScript to PDF.  But then you lose the hyperlinking capabilities.
> Another is to use entities to control at formatting time what types
> of figures to include: when going to print, use Encapsulated
> PostScript and jadetex; when going to PDF, use PNG and pdfjadetex.

That's the approach we use, but we are using pdfjadetex all the way.
We select between PDF and PNG images by using entity references.  It
works quite well.

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