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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: PDF graphics


Le lun, 21 fév 2000, vous avez écrit :
> "Sean Kelly" <kelly@ad1440.net> writes:
> > This is really unfortunate since Encapsulated PostScript figures
> > resize well.
> PDF figures resize well too.

Don't know how to do it.

> > One alternative is to use jadetex to get a DVI file, use dvips to
> > get a PostScript file, then use Ghostscript to convert the
> > PostScript to PDF.  But then you lose the hyperlinking capabilities.

I think, as a newbie, it's better to keep usual DocBook tools

> > Another is to use entities to control at formatting time what types
> > of figures to include: when going to print, use Encapsulated
> > PostScript and jadetex; when going to PDF, use PNG and pdfjadetex.
> That's the approach we use, but we are using pdfjadetex all the way.
> We select between PDF and PNG images by using entity references.  It
> works quite well.

As I'm far to be a pro. I'm not sure to understand this.
Here's the way I proceed :

I have the following csma.sgml file :

<imagedata fileref="images/csma.jpg" format="jpg">
<imagedata fileref="images/csma.eps" format="eps">
<imagedata fileref="{DOC_PATH}images/csma.gif" format="gif">
<para>Méthode d'accès</para>

which is referred in ethernet.sgml

<!DOCTYPE article PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook V3.1//EN" [
<!ENTITY csma    	SYSTEM "csma.sgml">

<article lang="fr">

     <title>Technologie Ethernet</title>
         	<revnumber>0.1</revnumber><date>21 Février 2000</date>
                <revremark>lists.oasis-open.org post</revremark>
<sect1><title>Méthode d'accès</title>

When I run db2html the gif file is used
When I run db2ps the eps file is used
When I run db2pdf the jpg file is used but not resized.
I had to rescale it "manually" from Gimp to fit in page.

Is there a better way to proceed ?
Is PNG file format only supported by DocBook v4.0beta2 ?

- Philippe
[( Linux RNIS/ISDN Howto : http://www.linux-france.org/article/connex/ISDN
[( E-mail : philippe.latu@linux-france.org

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