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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: character entities for keycap symbols?

At 22 Feb 2000 10:56 -0500, Norman Walsh wrote:
 > / Sunthar.Visuvalingam@informit.com was heard to say:
 > | Is there a set of character entities that represent keycap
 > | symbols commonly used in computer books? In this instance, I'm
 > | specifically looking for the Control Key Symbol of Apple MAC
 > | Keyboard.
 > (Does Unicode have characters for these things? It shouldn't,
 > IMHO, but that hasn't stopped them in the past :-)

Unicode 3.0 added ⃣, COMBINING ENCLOSING KEYCAP, but that
combines only with the previous character, so "control⃣" would
put the enclosing keycap around the "l".

If I misread you and you're looking for the Macintosh four-loop
command key symbol, it's encoded as ⌘, PLACE OF INTEREST SIGN.


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