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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Adding to footers in HTML output

Norman Walsh a écrit :
> / Bob McIlvride <robert@cogent.ca> was heard to say:
> | Is there some relatively easy way to customize the HTML stylesheet to
> | have it add a line or two to the footers below the navigation table?
> | We'd like to include a copyright notice or other standard information at
> | the bottom of each HTML page.
> If you're using the DSSSL stylesheets, ($html-body-content-end$) is
> inserted before the footer navigation bar and ($html-body-end$) is
> inserted after.

Using something like that in my custom stylesheet:

(define ($html-body-start$)
  (make sequence (literal "My custom header")))

allows insertion of simple text at the all beginning of each chunk. Is
there any mean to insert sgml/html code?

Thanks, Camille.

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