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Subject: DOCBOOK: Errors in translations of DocBook dbl1xx.ent files


I'm a Swedish user of the DocBook 3.1 DTD and the DSSSL stylesheets. I
am currently trying to transfer a Swedish LaTeX tutorial from LaTeX to
DocBook and I was very pleased when I found that DocBook had support
for Swedish.

I quickly became quite annoyed when I discovered several quite bad
translations in the 'dbl1sv.ent' file.

For example:

"Revision History" isn't "Revisions Historik", it's "Revisionshistorik".
"Preface" isn't "Företal", it's "Förord".
"Section" isn't "Sektion", it's "Avsnitt".
"Set" isn't "Set", it's "Mängd" (and "Set Index" is "Mängdindex").
"Abstract" isn't "Abstrakt", it's "Sammanfattning".
"Appendix" isn't "Appendix", it's "Bilaga".

... and so on.

The funniest translation was of "Edited" and "Edited by" which someone
had translated into the Swedish equivalent of "Published" and
"Published by".

Now, how do I go about reporting this bug? How may I change these
kinds of things in my stylesheet (it *is* a stylesheet matter, isn't
it?) without making actual changes to my 'dbl1sv.ent' file?



ps: Where did my last e-mail to this list go. I haven't seen it
    although it was about 12h since I posted it...

----------------------------------{ www.it.uu.se }----------------------
---{ Andreas Kahari }---------------------------------------------------
-------------------------------------------{ Uppsala University }-------

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