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Subject: DOCBOOK: FAQ, archives, figures and tables

Hello from a new subscriber

Could anyone be so kind as to point me in the direction of the FAQ for
this forum (if such a thing exists).

Also, it would be nice if I could get the URL for any archived
messages on the list (I used to subscribe to the list some time ago,
and there was a message archive, but I can't remember the URL to it).

So, figures in DocBook... I'm trying to understand the <imagedata> tag
and why my EPS images won't get scaled to the right width. I've tried
the 'width' attribute (but I don't know what units I may use), the
'depth' attribute and the 'scalefit' attribute (setting it to "1"
doesn't seem to do anything). The only thing that seems to work is the
'scale' attribut, which isn't what I want since I want my figures to
be exactly as wide as the text width ("\textwidth" in LaTeX).

Is this something I should do in my DSSSL stylesheet, and if so, how
do I do it?

And tables... All my tables use proportional column widths and hence
they span over the whole text width. The TeX backend to Jade
("jadetex") always complain about "overfull \hbox" (the table is
usually <2pt too wide). How may I shrink the table width by a couple
of pts? Using <colspec colwidth="*-2pt"> won't work since then I get a
2pt wide colum (for some reason).

Any help appreciated.


----------------------------------{ www.it.uu.se }----------------------
---{ Andreas Kahari }---------------------------------------------------
-------------------------------------------{ Uppsala University }-------

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