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Subject: DOCBOOK: [lempinen@iki.fi: HyGene - automatic hypertext construction for DocBook (among others)]

Hello folks,

I am sorry if you see this twice, but I sent the message originally
around a week ago but was unsure whether it never made it to the list
as I had just rejoined after a long break.

You can find the original announcement below. A little update: the CVS
version already contains a generic HTML plugin (no documentation
yet) suitable for automatically hyperlinking arbitrary HTML stuff.

Comments are welcome,

From: Sami Lempinen <lempinen@iki.fi>
Subject: HyGene - automatic hypertext construction for DocBook (among others)
To: docbook@lists.oasis-open.org
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 23:53:05 +0300
X-Sent: 4 days, 20 hours, 32 minutes, 7 seconds ago
User-Agent: Mutt/1.1.5i


HyGene (the Hyperlink Generator) is a GPL'd application for automatic
hypertext construction using document metadata and pattern
matching. It is currently in early development (0.19),  and comes with two
plugins: one for hyperlinking DocBook SGML and the other for
hyperlinking DocBook-generated HTML. HyGene complements my university
project for automatic hypertext construction, and is aimed mainly
towards technical documentation.

You can find more information about HyGene and download it from 


The source code is available at SourceForge, with a CVS repository. I
welcome any Perl hackers to take part in the development, and will
grant CVS write access for people who want to tweak HyGene further.

HyGene features include:

- SQL database interface for persistent storage of metadata and link
- Link typing and validation according to document class
- Two types of keywords: noun phrases and verb-object phrases 
- Handling of noun pluralisation and different verb forms
- Interpretation of active and passive verb phrases
- Licensed under the GNU General Public Licence 
- Written in Perl, with an extensible plugin interface.  
- Plugins for DocBook SGML and DocBook-generated HTML 

Comments and questions are welcome. If you have trouble installing the
software, let me know.


lempinen@iki.fi http://www.iki.fi/lempinen/

lempinen@iki.fi http://www.iki.fi/lempinen/

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