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Subject: DOCBOOK: re: docbook -> [book/website/presentation]

> You have described using a single xml source for producing a website and
> a book. This is easily understandable since the content is not so
> different. But what about a presentation and a website and a book? I'm
> preparing my lecture and it would be
> extremely great to have a mechanism to tag certain passages in a <book>
> such that they can be used by a slides.xsl to make up a presentation. It
> is clear that one only probably only needs 1% - 5% of the text of a book
> for a presentation about this book.

mmm... i am not aware of a solution (you might want to post this to the
docbook maillinglist: http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/mailinglist/index.html

some ideas:
1) there is an abstract element... as you pointed out, maybe that is an solution
2) maybe you can use some additional elements (in your own namespace):
   <stein:select-for-presentation><para>some text</para></stein:select-for-presentation>

   or maybe even more complex...

   the customize the stylesheet (DSSSL or XSLT) to only print general presentation layout,
   and only from the DocBook source those parts that are selected with the
   <presentation:select> tag...

Anyone on the DocBook maillist seen a solution for this purpose?


cc: DocBook maillist

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