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Subject: DOCBOOK: ANNOUNCE: JReference

Hi all, i already wrote that i was working on a reference manager for DocBookX 
bibliographic references. I've got a first release out. At this moment it is
only possible to get/store referencens from/into a MySQL server. 

The goal is to develop a comprehensive reference manager for DocBookX. One major
aspect will be a program that expends all references in an DocBook document. 

Each <jreference>XXXXX</jreference> will be looked up in the database and will be
replaced with something like <superscript>#</superscript>. The reference itself will
be added to the Bibliographic References section...

No more numbering and renumbering, no more typos in references. And all in DocBook.
That is this projects goal.

I've setup an SourceForge.net account and a regular website:


Any comment welcome, any co-developer welcome...


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