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Subject: DOCBOOK: re: ANNOUNCE: JReference

> Do you think you could merge it with:
> http://www.gnome.org/pybliographer/ ?

Sounds (and looks) interesting...

A real merge is not appropriate at this moment, i think...
JReference being fairly new, and PyBiblio quite advanced...
But JReference will be able to export BibTex, that PyBiblio 
can read... Moreover, writing an export filter for PyBiblio
to DocBook should not be that difficult... 

But i leave that up to the authors (for now, at least...)

Merging of the code is not possible, i guess.

BTW. I haven't tried Lyx, but since you can convert DocBook
to Tex, it would be cool to be able to edit DocBook WYSIWYG
in Lyx... (with an extra jadetex layer, but this would probably
be too slow)


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