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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Minor problems using Docbook 3.1

Colin Paul Adams <colin@colina.demon.co.uk> writes:

> I am using Docbook 3.1 (as supplied with Red Hat Linux 6.2).
> I have two rather minor problems:
> 1) In DocBook The Definitive Guide version 1.0.2, under the element
>    Emphasis, it says: 
> "Processing expectations
> Formatted inline. Emphasized text is traditionally presented in italics or boldface. A Role attribute of bold or strong is often used to generate
> boldface, if italics is the default presentation."
> I get italics (from both TeX and HTML output), no matter what I put
> for the role attribute.

Add this in your stylesheet:

(element emphasis
  (if (equal? (attribute-string "role") "bold")
      (make sequence
        font-weight: 'bold
      (make sequence
        font-posture: 'italic

It will add bold to DocBook. 

> 2) When running the db2dvi command, I get the following message in the
>    log file, many times:
> "! Text line contains an invalid character.
> l.7280 {^^@
>            ^^@}\def\sbNom%
> A funny symbol that I can't read has just been input.
> Continue, and I'll forget that it ever happened."
> I don't know if this is causing me any problems, but it's worrying.

It's an already known bug. Update your modular-stylesheets to the last
stable ones from http://www.nwalsh.com.

Norm used to provide a null string when there's no lang attribute. 

Godoy.	<godoy@conectiva.com.br> 

Departamento de Publicações
Publishing Department                   Conectiva S.A.

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