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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Where'd I go wrong.

Devin Weaver wrote:
> The problem is when I try to do anything with the created tex file. If I run
> jadetex on it I get the following error repeted many times (X's are numbers
> that change per error):

Just in case anyone out there was wondering how to resolve the same issues I
was having. it was the jadetex distro shiped with the jade package. It's a
broken realese and so is the version in CTAN. You need the latest (I belive
2.8) of jadetex (http://www.tug.org/applications/jadetex/)

Now I only get warnings about font issues but it all looks pretty when viewed
so I don't care 'bout the warnings.

Now I know someone out there is going to claim, "Well then, UNIX is intuitive,
because you only need to learn 5000 commands, and then everything else follows
from that! Har har har!"
	-- Andy Bates on "intuitive interfaces", slightly defending Macs

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