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Subject: DOCBOOK: Newbie: Producing indexed eBooks with DocBook?


Please excuse this post if I'm in completely the wrong place -- I'm still 
very unsure whether this is an appropriate tool...

I'm trying to publish some existing texts as indexed HTML eBooks. It looks 
as though there's good support for this with the DocBook Index and 
IndexTerm widgets, allowing me to build some quite sophisticated 
manually-specified indices.

However, I'm unclear how I actually "publish" to HTML, and from the manual 
I get the impression that I need a fairly detailed grasp of DSSSL to do 
this, using maybe Jade as a tool. Is this right? I think I would then get 
generation of an index from the IndexTerms I specified - what about an 
automatically-generated index of all words (except those in a list I supply)?

Before installing Jade and SP and running through the installation 
guidelines, I'd like to check I'm on the right track!

An alternative seems to be to use docbook2X (docbook2texi) and then 
texi2html -- is this also feasible? Would this build the index for me?

And then there are the commercial options - do tools like Framemaker 
support both near-WYSIWYG editing and also HTML publishing? Whilst I'll 
happily use XEmacs / PSGML / Norm.Walsh's DocBook IDE if that's an 
appropriate option, what I'd prefer is a tool which shields me from some of 
the underlying wizardry -- that can be a commercial tool if necessary. I'm 
checking out the features of the tools mentioned as supporting DocBook.

You'll gather that I'm wholly unfamiliar with this arena, I do hope someone 
can proffer guidance. Thank you for your attention.

Thomas Nichols, Worcester, UK

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