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Subject: DOCBOOK: Appendix Appendix

Hi there.

I love DocBook. Just learnt/practised by converting RFC959 to DocBook which
was a lot of fun. A few remaining problems.

The link text for XRefs, when rendered to HTML by Jade, is "Appendix
Appendix A" or (B etc). My XRefs:
<xref linkend="commands">

<appendix id="commands> (this is Appendix A)

I have got around it by doing this:
<xref linkend="commands" endterm="commands">

<appendix id="commands">
    <title id="commands-title">Commands</title>

But I would prefer to be able to have auto generated "Appendix A" links.
Obviously I could hard code it with a
<link linkend="commands">Appendix A</link>

But then I would lose the advantage of DocBook working out the section
numbering (naming?) for me.

Any suggestions?


-- charles hamilton dale -- bug@aphid.net -- 0410 681 510 --

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