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Subject: RE: DOCBOOK: OT: DocBook and Literate Programming?

     / "Jeff Duska" <jeff@duska.com> was heard to say:
     | The only idea I have is to start add the documenation in VB
     comments using
     | either HTML markup or DocBook markup. Then create a tool
     that extracts the
     | comments and code into a XML or SGML file. Then I could then user the
     | SGMLTools for NT.

     That's basically what's required. Literate Programming (as applied to
     TeX, the program) goes even further.

     I don't have any really good suggestions; I've tried to do this myself
     a few times. Java and JavaDoc seem to come fairly close because
     there's a good toolchain. I think you'll get the most benefit if you
     can spend some time up front righting the tools that extract the
     documentation from your code (or your code from the documentation,
     it's hard to say which way around is better).

If you can wait a while, some contributors on the xsl-list at Mulberrytech
are working on this.

Not quite literate programming, but 'doing the right thing'.
Principle being to use namespace seperation of documentation
from actual styling.

If the example gets posted in the next couple of days, I'll
relay it here.

Regards, DaveP

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