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Subject: DOCBOOK: cross linked documents ( & in SYSTEM entity)

Hello all,

I am trying to import sections into documents, based on values of global
variables. My problem is that I cannot use & within system entities to change the
files that get imported., e.g.
<!ENTITY sectpre SYSTEM "&serverpre.sgm">

Has anybody else required this feature and got around it someway?

(I can think of two ways, perform some sort of macro processing on my document
prior to processing by jade, or structure my cross imported documents into 
a pure hierachical format - both of these solutions are not preferred)


Designing a method to convert about 40 MS Word documents into Docbook format.
Currently each document has large sections duplicated from each other, but with minor
amendments, I would like to eliminate the duplication when constructing the documents
but the duplicate sections should appear when printing.

I have setup the a directory structure similiar to :


I would like to structure the documents such that a document in server1 directory
can import the standard procedures in the hp directory, and each standard
procedure in the hp directory can import a specific procedure out of the server1
directory. The following procedure in the hp directory is not supported in docbook :  

<!ENTITY webserverspecific SYSTEM "../&server/&serverweb.sgm">

<sect2 id=hpprodure1><title>procedure1</title>
<para>The web server software was installed from the package <filename>xxx.pkg</filename>


Jeff Ewing
EDS (Australia)
Email: jeff.ewing@eds.com

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