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Subject: RE: DOCBOOK: Code markup.

     | My need is to talk about an instance use of a function, its params
     | its return values etc.
     | How about
     | <para> <cmdsynopsis sepchar=" ">

     No reason to put the cmdsynopsis inside a para if you don't want to.
Fine, one level less of markup.

     |   <command moreinfo="none">xf86GetFlipPixels()</command>

     That's a function, not a command.
For which the markup is...?

     |   <arg choice="opt" rep="norepeat">-flippixels</arg>

     This is the odd part, -flippixels is clearly an option that you would
     pass to the, um, xinit (?) program, but xf86GetFlipPixels must return
     whether or not that option was set.

     -flippixels is not properly an argument to xf86GetFlipPixels().

Now confessing my ignorance, I'll have to ask the question on
xfree86 :-|  (what was that entity again ?)
and get back on that one.

*were* it a command with an argument
would <command> xfreeGetFlipPixels</command<arg
choice="optional"> -flippexels</arg>
be the right markup?
(still wanting to learn)

Regards, daveP

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