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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: cross linked documents ( & in SYSTEM entity)

Hello Jeff,

On Tue, 4 Jul 2000, Ewing, Jeff I wrote:
> I am trying to import sections into documents, based on values of global
> variables. My problem is that I cannot use & within system entities to change the
> files that get imported., e.g.
> <!ENTITY sectpre SYSTEM "&serverpre.sgm">

Yes you cannot do this. See the solution below.

> (I can think of two ways, perform some sort of macro processing on my document
> prior to processing by jade, or structure my cross imported documents into 
> a pure hierachical format - both of these solutions are not preferred)

IMO this is not needed because parameter entities provide some kind of
macro processing within standard sgml/xml.

> directory. The following procedure in the hp directory is not supported in docbook :  
> <!ENTITY webserverspecific SYSTEM "../&server/&serverweb.sgm">
> <sect2 id=hpprodure1><title>procedure1</title>
> <para>The web server software was installed from the package <filename>xxx.pkg</filename>
> </para> 
> &webserverspecific
> </sect2>

I couldn't find out from your description where and how you are going to
set the entities server... in your cited examples above. But I would
suggest using parameter entities like in the following example:

<!DOCTYPE ... [
 <!ENTITY % server "some text that is set automagically">
 <!ENTITY webserverspecific SYSTEM "../%server;/%serverweb;.sgm">

In any way are paramter entities the only entities you can reference
within the DTD. "Normal" entities are used within the document itself.
Maybe it's just a typo from you but even entity refrences have to end with
a semicolon like &sever; .

Hope this helps.

Version: 3.1
GCS/E d? s++:- a-->?@ C(++++) UL++++$ P+ L++(+) E++>+++ W++ N+ !o K- w O-
M- V? PS+(++) PE(-) Y+ PGP++ t 5 X+++ R* tv(-) b+ DI++ D- G>++ e h* r- y?


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