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Subject: RE: DOCBOOK: Code markup.

          |   <command moreinfo="none">xf86GetFlipPixels()</command>

          That's a function, not a command.
     For which the markup is...?

          |   <arg choice="opt" rep="norepeat">-flippixels</arg>

          This is the odd part, -flippixels is clearly an option 
     that you would
          pass to the, um, xinit (?) program, but xf86GetFlipPixels 
     must return
          whether or not that option was set.

          -flippixels is not properly an argument to xf86GetFlipPixels().

     Now confessing my ignorance, I'll have to ask the question on
     and get back on that one.

I checked and got this 'mixed' reply.
I.e. its both a parameter to an app,
held as a global, and accessed by a function :-|
As for mark-up, that leaves me totally stumped!

reply below.
Regards DaveP

The name of a global variable here is "xf86FlipPixels" as shown at:

    xf86Verbose               verbosity level
    xf86Bpp                   -bpp from the command line
    xf86Depth                 -depth from the command line
    xf86Weight                -weight from the command line
    xf86Gamma                 -{r,g,b,}gamma from the command line
    xf86FlipPixels            -flippixels from the command line
    xf86ProbeOnly             -probeonly from the command line
    defaultColorVisualClass   -cc from the command line

and "xf86GetFlipPixels()" is the interface to the variable "xf86FlipPixels"
in order to get the value of that variable.

In the source code, this function is defined at common/xf86Helper.c as

      return xf86FlipPixels;

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