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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: QandA: nesting questions

El jue, 06 de jul de 2000, a las 07:03:27 +0200, Ismael Olea dijo:
> > 
> > <graphic format="ps" align="center"
> > fileref="../images/image"></graphic>
> 	I use <graphic   fileref="../images/image"></graphic>. With html
> 	it uses the default suffix which I change vía dsssl driver to
> 	png and with ps the default is eps.

Using gif for html is not a problem, but I can't get a good eps from gif
conversion for postscript, and even have to edit the eps file to make
additions and modify it, so I'd rather use ps.

Also, I still don't know how to place the image to the left of the
title, i.e. how to make the image become part of the title.  Of course,
if this is possible at all.

An alternative would be to place it just before anything else, even the
chapter's title.  But how?

Finally, any idea how to solve this error?

jade:../resources.sgm:332:21:E: document type does not allow element

I've managed to get rid of all other errors, but this one is starting to
pile up with each new file.


Horacio					Anno MMDCCLIII A.U.C.
hacho@crosswinds.net			Valencia - ESPAÑA
Key fingerprint = F4EE AE5E 2F01 0DB3 62F2  A9F4 AD31 7093 4233 7AE6

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