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Subject: DOCBOOK: Weird ulink / index interaction

Hi all,

I just experimented a strange behaviour of the DSSSL Stylesheets:
I redefined the ulink element, to pass through some hyphenation
problems, but this resulted in the modification of the text being
printed in index. Instead of the page number for each indexterm , I get
the HTML page name!
HTML output is OK, just the dvi seems affected.

See my customization below, removing it solves the problem, but I need
it ;-)

Thanks, Camille.


(element ulink
  (make sequence
    (if %footnote-ulinks%
        ($ss-seq$ + (literal (footnote-number (current-node))))
        (if (and %show-ulinks%
                 (not (equal? (attribute-string (normalize "url"))
                              (data-of (current-node)))))
            (make sequence
              (literal " (")
;; Add easily identifiable strings for .tex post-processing
	      (literal "urlurlurl")
              (literal (attribute-string (normalize "url")))
	      (literal "lrulrulru")
              (literal ")"))

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