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Subject: DOCBOOK: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Including C source code in a document

Jorge Godoy a écrit :
> >>>>> "Michael" == Michael Wiedmann <michael.wiedmann@detewe.de> writes:
>  > <programlisting> <![CDATA[ This is a programlisting so
>  > white space and line breaks are significant.  But it is
>  > also a CDATA section so <emphasis>tags</emphasis> and
>  > &entities; are not recognized.  The only markup that is
>  > recognized is the end-of-section marker, which is two
>  > "]"'s in a row followed by a >.  ]]> </programlisting>
> Thanks!
> This solution would require me to actually put the source in the
> document. Isn't there any solution that allow me to get the C file as
> an entity? This would be much more interesting since I'd always have
> the last version of the file without having to worry with modifying my
> document.

A long time ago Norman wrote:

Personally, I use the following "hack"

  <inlinegraphic fileref="fr/snippet.txt" format="linespecific">

My DSSSL stylesheets support this and the XSL stylesheets support it
with a little post-processing.

The long-term general solution to this problem is XLink.

Jorge, does that solves your problem?
Norman, What about XLink now?


Get your head off the keyboard and look behind the screen.

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