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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: Declaring entities in different files

El jue, 20 de jul de 2000, a las 09:44:39 -0400, Mike Sangrey dijo:
> / Horacio MG <homega@ciberia.es> was heard to say: | Sorry, that
> doesn't solve my problem as I would still end up with a big | list of
> declarations in book.sgml.  The idea is to make it easy for | people
> to go and add an sgml doc into a given directory (e.g. man1/), | and
> then declare it in a file for that directory (say chap.1.sgml is |
> where all declarations for files in man1/ should go).
> One way this could be done is to create a simple Makefile (possibly
> recursive Makefiles) with all the dependencies.  Then the procedure
> would be for people to add file to directory, add line in file, type
> make.

Yes, that's the only way out I see.

Besides, I can now make one build which gets me ALL and EVERY man page
in the subdirectories but.  That, in principle, is the way I want it.
However, if anyone wanted to build just one or a couple of man pages, he
wouldn't be able to as there is no document declaration on the files.

Thank you,

Horacio					Anno MMDCCLIII A.U.C.
hacho@crosswinds.net			Valencia - ESPAŅA
Key fingerprint = F4EE AE5E 2F01 0DB3 62F2  A9F4 AD31 7093 4233 7AE6

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