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Subject: DOCBOOK: How to get a table to work.

Example of what's planned:

2000.1.19 03:00	cleared	unremarkebale text goes here
	  04.00		more unremarkeable text goes here
			and here
			and here
			and some long lines go on and on and on and on and
			 on and on... for a long time
			And then some examples:
				-	get put in
				-	for bad measure

2000.2.25	open	and some text goes here describing some sort of
			 dire emergency that has everyone running around
			 looking for somewhere to have a protracted lunch
			 break so they don't have to deal with it :-).

I've had problems getting the above construct to work. Does anyone have an
example of this? I used an <informaltable> and framed it completely. I had
experimented with the spanning rows and that acctually worked but the rest
eludes me. If someone had a small example or even just a few hints on how
to get the following to work:

<literallayout> in <entry> in print
<colspec> widths that work in print
Anyting that looks like the example in print and html :-).

It's for a manual that contains the complete history of a firewall and all
its components. The structure for the rest of the manual is ok, it's just
the one (little?) table that I can't figure out how to create.

Many thanks in advance...


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